New release version 2.1 of Refined for Jira Service Desk is here. And it is epic.

New release 2.1 of Refined for Jira Service Desk has arrived and get comfortable friends because this release is meaty! We summarise the main additions here so for a detailed version visit our documentation site release notes

Since we released this app onto the Atlassian Marketplace the uptake has been real. In the 2.0 release we added site and category organization, a customizable footer and view permissions. In this 2.1 version we have announcement banners, import/export of layouts, a super smooth search experience and many more additions. As it stands more than 1200 of you are making use of this tool for your ITSM solutions. Such demand for the product naturally comes with hunger for more features! We receive truly awesome feature requests to add to this product. Some of these requests are unfortunately not possible to implement, however more often than not we take them on board and do our best to implement them in our products. Almost all of the new features in this new version stem from feature requests. So let’s dive in.

Introducing Announcement Banners

This is one of the most voted for feature requests since the existence of Refined for Jira Service Desk. It is now possible to add info, warning and alert announcement banners to your support site. 


Import and Export of Layouts

For the times when you build a layout  on your site home, category home or service desk portal you are super satisfied with, you can export the layout to another service desk portal, or to another Jira service Desk support instance all together. This will be a time saver for those of you building your ITSM service on a staging environment when transferring to your production instance. 

Improved Search Experience

The search function on a support site is often the first place a customer will look for their answers. Therefore we have put in a lot of hard work and hours to making the search really kick-ass. In this new version we have added UI improvements, better search results and an overall better search experience


To really bring the search home, we have added a Global Search feature. So that you can search for answers no matter what page on the support site you’re on. 

Previews and Drafts for Layouts

We introduced this feature to our other server product Refined for Confluence in December’s 6.1 version release. As to not keep you waiting this is now available for Refined for Jira Service Desk. It means you can build a layout, save it as a draft and make yourself a coffee. Then preview the layout before publishing. 


Theming on the Login Page

Another common feature request we received was to be able to theme the login and sign-up page of Jira Service Desk. With version 2.1 the theme you have applied globally will be the same theme to greet your customers at the login and sign-up page. 


Improvements to Requests

In this version we give you more flexibility in how your request data is shown to customers. For instance in the layout you can display the ticket description on top of the activity, or visa versa. You can also choose to show the Jira agent assigned to the request (or not). We also made a small but helpful improvement to the color of the status to match the Jira color scheme. 


More Ways to Display Knowledge Base Content

In this version we introduce a page tree of your knowledge base articles displayed when shown as a popup. This will allow users to browse a space using the page tree on the left hand side, while remaining in the context of Jira Service Desk.


Global Image Bank

Last but not least (there are more feature updates listed on the release notes) we introduced a tab to the configuration menu where admins can upload images to be used across your support site. This is essentially providing a more convenient way of accessing your images without needing to upload the same image to multiple pages.


As you can see there are a lot of new features and improvements to soak up. We highly recommend visiting our release notes to get a full grasp of the release and upgrading to 2.1 to give the new features a try for yourself.