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We started Refined in 2009 with a simple idea: Enterprise software doesn’t have to be boring. Since then, Refined has evolved from a handy theming tool into a full-fledged site builder, helping more than 5,000 companies worldwide transform their Atlassian Confluence and Jira instances into beautiful, branded sites users love.







A Refined employee discussing with colleagues.
The Refined office in Malmö.

Get to know us

Refined is a diverse and growing crop of engineers, product managers, marketers, support gurus, customer success stars, and more. Our team hails from all corners of the globe, and our varied interests – we’re talking House DJs, wine connoisseurs, trivia stars, triathletes, politics junkies… we could go on – means dull moments are hard to come by around here.

We’re a curious, creative, ambitious bunch, and we’re passionate about the software we build and the users it serves. We believe that thoughtful design and constant iteration can drive better outcomes for us and for our customers.

A man and woman seated in an office.

What we care about

The people

Refined support The Hunger Project. An organization on a mission to end hunger and poverty by pioneering sustainable, grassroots, women-centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption.

The planet

Refined support Cool Earth, a non-profit organisation working alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change. We also invest in Trine, an investment company dedicated to growth of solar energy markets.

Pledge 1

Refined are proud members of Pledge1 to give 1% of our profit and 1% of our products to charities and non-profit organizations.

Reine the Rhino

Refined are proud sponsors of Reine the Rhino who’s future is made brighter thanks to the hard work of Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Ol Pejeta work to protect southern white rhinos in the wild.

Working with us means



We believe work should fit into life and not the other way around. We’re flexible about where you work and when so that you have the freedom to take care of your personal life first.


We have a track record of hiring and promoting the most qualified candidates, regardless of factors like nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, which, if you ask us, have no bearing on one’s ability to do the job.

A green plus sign.


Our employees grow as we grow. We promote from within, and we’re committed to professional development so you leave us with more knowledge than you came with (but don’t leave us!). We grow day to day by taking risks and learning from our failures as much as we do our successes.

Refined employees sitting together and working.

And we have fun, too

We celebrate our success. We host tons of office events (totally optional, we get it if those aren’t your thing) like quiz and game nights, wine tastings, more wine tastings, ping pong tournaments, theme days, and others. And we rarely say no to a fika, a round of darts, or a quick game of FIFA to break up the afternoons.

Meet some of our staff

Janette Hagerlund

Refiner since: September 2017

I make sure we stay organized, efficient, secure and true to our values as we grow as a company.

Best part about working at Refined:
I truly appreciate the work-life balance and flexibility that allows me to have a job I love without making compromises in my personal life. I’ve also been entrusted with amazing opportunities over the years (like the COO role I’ve been promoted to), which I am very thankful for.

When I’m not at Refined you’ll find me:
At the stables — I’m a lifelong horse enthusiast, so most of my free time is spent there. I also live very close to a forest, so I try to take a walk there every day with my dog to organize my thoughts and wind down.

Woman with her horse.
Raj Sehmi

Refiner since: Sep 2018

I make sure our customers are happy and stick around, and that their voices are heard internally.

Best part about working at Refined:
Refined provides me with an environment where I really can grow professionally and personally. I have the opportunity to contribute to shaping the customer success department from scratch, which is both highly rewarding and challenging at the same time. And the work environment in general—I have a lot of fun with my colleagues, from the after-works, to the video games and release celebrations.

When I’m not at Refined you’ll find me:
Cooking and trying out new foods, making and DJing dubby electronic music, trying to tame the curls in my beard.

Refined employee at a DJ booth.
Dennis Andersen

Refiner since: August 2011

I’m the guy between the customers and developers, making sure the roadmap for our server products comes to fruition.

Best part about working at Refined:
Is definitely the people. It’s a very supportive work environment where everyone respects and values each other. Refined is continuously evolving, and for me it’s been great riding along for the journey (I’m going on 10 years!) through each chapter in the company’s history.

When I’m not at Refined you’ll find me:
Spending time with my family, most likely renovating something around the house. When time permits I’ll brew a batch of beer or try my hand at growing bonsai trees.

Man in a hooded sweatshirt at a grill holding tongs.

Join our team

We’re always on the hunt for ambitious, down-to-earth, solution-oriented people who thrive in collaborative settings. Sound like you?