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Free your content

Refined transforms Atlassian Confluence and Jira into custom, themed sites users love.

Build beautiful sites without code

Unlock powerful design tools to build sites that match your corporate identity. Or choose from a variety of built-in themes designed by us.

Ease collaboration across teams

Refined makes it easy to store and share Jira and Confluence content within and across teams.

Elevate the user experience

Add structure to native Confluence and Jira with custom site architectures tailored to user needs.

Build Confluence content on your own customizable sites to help drive full adoption of Confluence. Ideal for Confluence as an intranet, documentation, knowledge base and project collaboration. Confluence and Refined means collaboration just got enjoyable and communication clear.

Organize Confluence spaces into categories directly accessible from a top navigation menu. Use the Refined theme and layout design tools to match Confluence to your corporate identity. Then add content that matters directly on the dashboards.

Harness the power of Confluence on a clean and branded interface enticing all users to get the most out of Confluence. With Refined, your site built on Confluence becomes an easy platform to navigate and find relevant information fast.

Refined extends the power of Confluence with added structure, intuitive navigation, improved accessibility of content, as well as your choice of layout on spaces, category dashboards and site dashboards.

Help customers to find answers fast. Organize portals into relevant categories and sites. Then select Jira project content, knowledge base content, request types (+much more) relevant to the customers visiting that page.

Improve processes by feeding relevant content to the visiting customer directly on the help desk. Tailor the content to individual customers or groups so that answers are fetched quickly and requests are sent to the right place.

Customers see a user friendly, appealing service desk while agents continue to work with the great functionality of standard Jira. Built by Refined.

Build Jira content on your own customizable sites and portals. Create multiple IT service sites connected to one Jira Service Management instance. Then add theming and styling, rich search function and other helpful content customers might be looking for.

Some Refined customers


Coca Cola







“Our customers have really enjoyed the user experience and have seen increased user adoption of the Jira Service Management customer portal via the theming. It really is a custom design and with HTML and related links, you can really take the end user CX to another level. Refined Support is also always very fast in response and very responsive to improvements/new features.”

“By far my most favorite plugin, been using for 4 years now and have unlocked untold improvements and functionality for Confluence.”

“Refined is simply the best and a solid base if you want to improve your Confluence platform.”

“Refined is a very nice plugin, cannot live without it as in our Confluence intranet”

“The most useful theme add-on we have come across: Clean, flexible, modern layout that is easy to customize and leaves just enough options without becoming too complicated”

Fast growing payment solution company Klarna use Refined to provide a ’Smooth’ IT support experience.

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