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Pay on your Atlassian billing cadence

On cloud, you’ll automatically be assigned the same payment cadence — monthly or annual — as your Atlassian instance. DC customers pay annually.

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Pricing defaults to your Atlassian license size

The Atlassian Marketplace will automatically select the appropriate user tier based on the size of your Atlassian license. For Refined for Jira Service Management, refer to the greater of agents or users.

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Academic & community pricing

We’re proud to offer discounts for academic and community licenses. See our FAQ below for details.


Refined for Confluence Cloud
Refined for Jira Service Management Cloud
Refined Toolkit for Confluence Cloud

Data Center

Refined for Confluence
Refined for Jira Service Management Data Center
Refined Toolkit for Confluence Data Center

Pricing FAQ

I expect my Refined site to have fewer visitors than allotted under my Atlassian license. Can you price accordingly?
Do you offer academic and community pricing?
Do you offer discounts for dual licensing?
How is the number of users calculated for the Refined for Jira Service Management app?
How do I know if my organization is on Atlassian’s monthly or annual cloud billing plan?
Can I try out Refined for free?
What is your refund policy?
I want to migrate to Cloud, do you offer extended migration trials?
What’s the difference between Refined for Jira Service Managementand Refined for Confluence?
What is your purchase agreement?
What are your payment options?
Are there differences between Refined trial licenses and the paid Refined licenses?
Can my Refined Server license be transferred to a Refined Cloud license?
Do my Jira Service Management customers need to be licensed in order to use the Refined site?
I have questions regarding my Atlassian bill, how can I get support?

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