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When you purchase Refined Sites for Confluence on the Atlassian Marketplace, the Marketplace automatically selects the Refined license that matches your Atlassian user base. Note, monthly subscriptions are priced per user. You will be billed for Refined in the same way that you are billed for your Confluence license (monthly or annually).

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Frequently asked questions
I expect my Refined site to have fewer visitors than allotted under my Atlassian license. Can you price accordingly?

Unfortunately not. The Atlassian Marketplace automatically applies pricing based on the number of users allotted to your Atlassian license.

Do you offer academic and community pricing?

Yes, academic licenses are half off. Community licenses are available for eligible non-government, non-academic, non-commercial, non-political, non-religious, nonprofit organizations; they are free on Data Center and 75% off on cloud. Apply for an Atlassian community license here.

Do you offer discounts for dual licensing?

Yes, we’re part of the dual licensing program of Atlassian for customers who are moving to Cloud. Read more about this dual licensing program of Atlassian here. Yes, refer to Atlassian for the latest information on dual licenses discounts.

How is the number of users calculated for the Refined Sites for Jira Service Management app?

The number of users needed for the Refined license, needs to match the number of users or agents in your Jira Software or Jira Service Management.

How do I know if my organization is on Atlassian’s monthly or annual cloud billing plan?

Go to There you can find if you’re currently on the monthly or annual cloud plan. If you’re not able to see this information, you don’t have the permissions to view. In that case, ask your Confluence admin.

Can I try out Refined for free?

Yes, our customers can try Refined for free for 30 days, through a trial that can be activated via the Atlassian Marketplace.

What is your refund policy?

We follow Atlassian’s policy when it comes to refunds. Read more about it here.

I want to migrate to Cloud, do you offer extended migration trials?

Yes we do, please reach out to us through our support.

What’s the difference between Refined Sites for Jira Service Management and Refined Sites for Confluence?

Our Refined Sites for Jira Service Management app allows you to build support sites including a knowledge base, while our Refined Sites for Confluence app allows you to build sites with various purposes like: documentation site, intranet, event site and so on. Both our products integrate flawlessly with each other and can be used together to create sites that include support portals and Confluence content.

What is your purchase agreement?

You can find our purchase agreement here.

What are your payment options?

The only way to purchase Refined licenses is through the Atlassian Marketplace. Atlassian offers multiple ways to purchase apps. Read more about that on the Atlassian website.

Are there differences between Refined trial licenses and the paid Refined licenses?

Our trial licenses work exactly the same as the paid licenses. There are no differences in functionality.

Can my Refined Server license be transferred to a Refined Cloud license?

This is not possible. If you’re migrating from Server to Atlassian Cloud, you will need to purchase a new Refined Cloud license.

Do my Jira Service Management customers need to be licensed in order to use the Refined site?

Your Jira Service Management customers do not need to be licensed to use your Refined site. Only the Jira Service Management agents or Jira Software users need to be licensed, whichever tier is highest. For example: if you have 50 JSM agents, and 100 JSW users the Refined user tier needs to match the 100 users. This will allow your agents as well as your JSW Users to use the Refined site.

I have questions regarding my Atlassian bill, how can I get support?

For all questions regarding Atlassian billing, we refer to Atlassian support.

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Refined is simply the best and a solid base if you want to improve your Confluence platform.

Lars Bachmann, Head of Sales & Marketing at Adaptavist Group

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