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Refined for Confluence

Build Confluence content on your own easy to navigate, engaging sites.

Use the Refined site building tools to transform the look, the layouts, the navigation and more so that Confluence content is accessible and actionable.

Apply Refined to bring to life your use case. Be it an intranet built on Confluence, be it a knowledge base, be it a project collaboration point or all use cases in one Confluence.

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Sharpen the UI.

Create a clean, branded interface and display content in a clear and engaging way. No coding necessary.

The inbuilt theme editor and layout customization options give you the tools to easily build up a modern, beautiful look

Organize content.

Avoid Confluence mess and save on maintenance by accessing spaces and pages from a dropdown menu of categories.

Take organization to the next level again by adding sites and organizing your Confluence categories and spaces into sites, all within the one Confluence.

Navigate to what matters.

Display exactly what matters to users on simple to set up Confluence dashboards, sites, category homes and custom spaces.

Control who can see which site and category as well as the content on a category.

Engage all users.

Refined opens up Confluence to technical and non technical users by raising the user experience and providing the tools to build a simple yet appealing interface.

It enhances Confluence so that team content and resources are accessible and actionable.

How it works

Refined is installed as an app into Confluence.

Use Refined tools to build on Confluence and deliver a themed, easy to navigate and engaging solution. 

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Server Pricing

Annual license. 50% of initial price for yearly renewals.

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