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Refined for Confluence

Bring Confluence to every team

Make Confluence content accessible and actionable for every user. Use the Refined site building tools to create custom designed sites populated with selected Confluence content.

Apply your organizations own theme, layout, easy navigation and more. Harness the inbuilt structure to re-organize Confluence content and display only what matters to the team or teams accessing each site.

Ideal for intranet, knowledge base, documentation and project collaboration use cases connected to Confluence.

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Personalized Sites.

Create clean, branded interfaces on each site and display content in a clear and engaging way. No coding necessary.

The inbuilt theme editor and layout customization options give you the tools to easily build up a modern, beautiful look.

Organized content.

Avoid a messy Confluence instance by re-organizing Confluence spaces into groups that sit in a top dropdown navigation menu. Add quick links to relevant content on each Refined page.

If you use Refined for Jira, populate your sites and navigation with both Jira and Confluence content.

Navigate to what matters.

Display exactly what matters to users on simple to set up site and page layouts.

Control who can see which site. Control who can see what content on each page.

Engage all users.

Refined opens up Confluence to technical and non technical users by raising the user experience and providing the tools to build a simple yet appealing interface.

It enhances Confluence so that team content and resources are accessible and actionable.

How it works

Refined is a site-building tool providing the tools to build custom designed sites without needing to code.

With the Confluence integration to Refined you can create multiple branded sites populated with Confluence content.

Create sites and pages designed for your purpose. For example, you might have an intranet site and a documentation site, populated with select Confluence content. 

Choose your own theme, layout, custom domain and navigation setup for each site. 

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