Confluence, is that you?

Custom intranets, documentation sites, knowledge bases and more—no code required.

Custom sites—code-free

A Refined intranet site showing the navigation.

Intuitive navigation to guide users

Organize Confluence content into an easy-to-navigate site.

Add your choice of Confluence spaces to your site, and group them into Categories for added structure
Arrange your site content into a hierarchy that maps to a drop-down menu
Customize drop-downs with folders, external links and more
A layout built in Refined.

Layouts to highlight what matters most

Build pages by adding search bars, navigation icons, quick links, activity modules and more in a code-free layout editor.

Build pages around core user needs
Tailor layouts to optimize information discovery and navigation
Ensure pages are relevant for all users with view permissions
The theme editor in Refined.

Custom themes to match your brand

Apply your brand identity in minutes with an easy-to-use theme editor.

Configure colors, fonts, margins, and more to your liking
See your site take shape as you theme
Apply themes site-wide, or switch them up from page to page

What will you build?

Create any number of sites populated with Confluence content — each with its own users, design, and purpose.


Employees have high expectations for digital tools. Exceed them with a Confluence intranet that sports your brand identity and drives user adoption.

Themed to match your brand
Employees are empowered to find information & updates easily
Add IT, HR support with Refined for Jira
A Refined intranet site.

Documentation Sites

Toss your legacy documentation tool — use Refined and Confluence instead.

Help customers get up and running with easy-to-access resources
Use layouts and user-friendly design to steer visitors toward must-see content and self-help materials
Add a custom domain for easy recall and quick access
A documentation site built with Refined.

Knowledge Bases

Create all-in-one help and support sites using knowledge bases from Confluence and support desks from JSM*.

Cut down on requests with an effective help site
Deliver support directly at the point of need
Manage support and knowledge base articles/FAQs all from Confluence—no third party tool required
*With Refined for Jira integration.
An knowledge base built with Refined.

Sites for every audience

Build an intranet for employees, a documentation site for customers, and a portal for your partner network—all from the same Confluence instance.

Help Seekers
Beta Testers
Help Seekers
Beta Testers

More than good looks

Admin Delegation

Empower trusted users to manage sites autonomously by delegating admin permissions to any licensed Confluence user in Refined.

Audience Features

Customize settings at the space level to match your use case: show or hide bylines, likes, and read time. Add a floating TOC. And for can’t-miss messages or promos, display announcement banners top of site.

Custom Cookie Banner

Easily craft a cookie-collection notification that suits your organization’s GDPR (or similar) requirements.

Promoted Search Results

Get ahead of common user queries by pre-configuring results for designated search terms. These results appear at the top of the search box, above all the other hits.

User Feedback

Feedback buttons on Confluence pages allow users to provide input right at the source. Review, manage, and respond in an easy-to-use admin dashboard.

The sentiment from upper management was that this was so successful, we are making this a staple of what we're doing.

Michael Chance, Customer Success Manager, 6Connex

Refined is simply the best and a solid base if you want to improve your Confluence platform.

Lars Bachman, Head of Sales & Marketing, Demicon

We constantly heard, ‘This is amazing. Thank you so much for moving to this type of a system.’

Nik Fisher, Team Lead for Client Services, MacEwan University

Refined powers sites at more than 5,000+ companies world wide.

Hear from our customers
Woman gesticulating at a computer presumably on a conference call.

Choose where to host your data

For some, the option to host your cloud data close to home is a non-negotiable. Data residency is available in the US and EU, with more options on the way.

A woman smiling.

Tap a global network of solution partners

Our 80+ partners around the world are ready and waiting to help you implement Refined.

A Refined intranet site on a laptop screen.

Find more ways to use Confluence

Legacy intranet tool? Stand-alone documentation site? Cut redundancy in your tech stack by pairing Confluence with Refined and using it for more purposes.

Leave the learning curve behind

Confluence can be intimidating for new users, and even power users can get lost in big instances. Refined puts Confluence content within easy reach for all.

Purpose-built page layouts, plus improved search and straightforward menus, ensure users always have a quick way to find whatever they come looking for.

Three green circles, center one is large.

It’s a fact — Confluence pages pile up over time. Pages and spaces grouped into sites and categories in Refined keep content organized and under control.

Three pairs of vertical green lines.

Use permissions, text variables and more to display Confluence content in a way that’s welcoming and personalized for every user.

A plus icon.

Deliver the best of Confluence and Jira Cloud in one site

Mix functionality from Confluence and Jira to blend support and issue tracking with traditional Confluence use cases like intranets and documentation sites.

Blend documentation and support
Boost request transparency with issue trackers
Add service points to intranets and other sites

Frequently asked questions

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Quick install from our secure global cloud. Zero maintenance, real-time updates.

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Data Center

Ideal for security-conscious customers with on-premise hosting requirements.

Try Refined free for 30 days

Cloud subscriptions are free for 10 users.

No payment details required to start your trial.

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Cloud product shown. Some features and functionality may differ on Data Center.