How to Combine a Non-themed Confluence Site and a Themed Confluence Site

In the major release of RefinedTheme for Confluence 6.x it became possible to combine a non-themed Confluence site with a Confluence site where RefinedTheme is applied.


A common scenario for this is when one team prefers to work in the original Confluence site, but other teams prefer the clean and branded interface that comes with RefinedTheme. Using the site concept, you can create multiple sites in one Confluence instance, including one site or individual spaces with original Confluence and other sites and spaces themed.

Here’s how to set this up in 5 steps:

Step 1. Ensure RefinedTheme is not activated globally

When RefinedTheme is installed it is not activated by default. As you do not want RefinedTheme to be applied globally keep the theme unactivated (you want to theme a specific Site and their respective Spaces) and ignore the information highlighted to the right in the Theme Configuration.

Step 2. Add the Sites you wish to theme.

The global site will be the site that maintains the Confluence look and feel, while all additional sites will have RefinedTheme activated.

Step 3. Add categories to the sites you wish to theme.

Each themed site must have at least one category.

Step 4. Organize your spaces into the sites and categories you wish to theme.

Add the spaces to the respective sites you wish to be themed. The spaces that remain in uncategorized or in the Global Site will remain un-themed.

Step 5. Create and add a theme to the sites.

Go ahead and customize the look and feel of each site by creating a theme from the inbuilt theme editor. This theme can be added to the sites (and/or categories) from the Site Builder. Visit our tutorial on how to create a theme for some extra help.

The result is a combination of Confluence for the spaces you wish, and themed Confluence for the sites and spaces you wish to to theme. All within one Confluence. You can find a more detailed tutorial on creating this combined solution here.