Could Refined sites be your ticket to a slimmer tech stack?

“Less is more” is rarely embraced when it comes to corporate tech stacks. Too often, businesses find themselves presiding over a sprawling ecosystem of apps and platforms, each aimed at addressing specific and disparate needs.

A 2020 analysis from Blissfully, a SaaS-management platform, found small businesses use an average of more than 100 apps, mid-market businesses use an average of 137, and large enterprises clock in with more than 280.

While there is no one solution to remedy tool sprawl, it’s worth examining whether there’s a chance to streamline using existing tools. Doing so could reduce the financial cost of subscribing to multiple apps and platforms while cutting the administrative burden of maintaining and updating them.

The good news? You may be able to do more with less without a major re-think of your existing tools or a lengthy procurement cycle.

Businesses using Confluence and Jira Service Management, for example, may be able to use them in combination with Refined to cut redundant tools. Here are three examples of how you can use Refined sites to replace a legacy app or platform:

Example #1: Using a legacy platform for a public-facing documentation site

Company X is already using Confluence and Refined for their intranet site, but they are also maintaining a documentation site on a legacy platform outside of Confluence. This public site does serve its purpose, but it carries costs in terms of being a separate platform that needs to be paid for and maintained.

By moving the documentation into Confluence and presenting it on a dedicated documentation site with Refined:

  • End users get access to the same content, served to them in a customizable, themed UI
  • Administrators have one fewer platform to pay for and maintain.
  • Content creators can create, update and share the documentation in the same tool (Confluence)

Example #2: Using a legacy platform for an intranet

Company Y uses Jira Service Management to power its Help Desk and Confluence for its documentation needs, but is still running its intranet through a different, legacy platform.

The company’s admin is tired of spending extra hours on maintaining the intranet and has convinced management to switch to an intranet run by Confluence.

After the intranet content and info has been migrated to Confluence, the admin uses Refined to set up a themed, company-branded intranet with a user-friendly experience.

The result? Employees have one place to go for all of their needs, the company cuts the cost of paying for the legacy tool, and the admin now has a smaller tech stack to manage.

Example #3: Using a legacy platform to manage external support

Company Z wants to move away from using a legacy tool for external support. Consolidating and streamlining its tech stack is a major goal. The firm turns to Refined to help it build a branded external site using Jira Service Management.

This approach not only lightens the load on Company Z when it comes to apps and platforms, but it helps up the design and usability quotient on its JSM service desk in the way of good looks, easy UX, and easy navigation.

Are you leaving efficiencies on the table?

In all three examples, retiring an old platform and switching to Refined sites yields:

  • Reduced financial and administrative burden
  • Streamlined tech stack
  • Improved user experience
  • Elevated look and feel
  • Stronger ROI on Atlassian and Refined subscriptions

For more information on how you can use Refined to get more from Confluence and Jira Service Management, watch the full Site Building Live webinar here.

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