5 Ways to Structure Jira Service Desk using RefinedTheme Sites and Categories

The latest release of RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk introduced Site and Category structure. There are many different ways you can use this feature to your advantage. To get you started we have collected 5 alternative structures to suit various use cases.


1.The Simple Structure (and Default)

When you first apply RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk this is how your structure will be. If you simply want to have an engaging help center and customer portals beneath that, this is the structure to go for.


2. Customer Portals Organized into Categories

The next level up in the organizational hierarchy is to add categories. If a team has a number of Jira Service Desk projects that you want to collect within a category, then this is the option to choose. The categories can be treated like landing pages from which to navigate to the respective customer portal. In this example, we have a category for HR support and IT Support. The subsequent projects (customer portals) sit within the relevant category.  The admin can theme and customise the layout of a category home as well as the customer portals that sit within that.


3. Adding Additional Sites

If your Jira Service Desk is rich with customer portals that beg improved organization and navigation, or you have multiple service locations, or you want to scale Jira Service Desk, you might consider using the organization level above categories known as SitesIn this example the team have multiple service locations and have chosen to use a London Help Center (Site) and a Berlin Help Center (Site).


4. Internal and External Site

Another way we see teams using Sites it to have one internal team site and one external site. The structure is the same as the previous example however the internal site has added view permissions so that only a defined internal team could see and interact with the content while a second site is available to a broader team, beyond that defined internal team. Find more information on defining who sees what content using view permissions on our documentation site.


5. Some Customer Portals themed, others not.

Some teams request to have some customer portals themed, while others maintain the original Jira Service Desk look and feel. This is now possible with the latest release. The way to do this is to make sure the portals you don’t want themed sit within the default help center. This is explained in more detail in a dedicated blog post.


Not only does the site and category structure inject organization into Jira Service Desk, it also comes with the capability to define the users (view permissions). Further, each site, category and customer portal includes a slick design (theming), layout and content macros.

For a more detailed account of how to set up these structures watch the webinar about the latest release of RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk Server.