Online event: Site Building Live 2022

In our first-ever edition of Site Building Live, we cover a number of key ways you can get more from Confluence and Jira Service Management with Refined sites.

This year, during the lead-up to Team ’22, we wanted to bring the Astlassian community — and of course, our customers — some inspiration to get more from Confluence and Jira Service Management. Our answer? The first-ever edition of Site Building Live, an online event focused on sharing the transformational potential of Refined sites.

In the hour-long event, you’ll see:

  • A keynote address from Refined CEO and Co-Founder Emil Sjödin, previewing a few notable features from our Cloud roadmap
  • An introduction to sites from Cloud Product Manager Eric Hong, who also presents a framework to decide how many sites to use — one or more? — to best address your users’ needs
  • A tutorial on tailoring sites to the needs of your audience from Customer Experience Manager Maria Heij
  • A look at how we use Refined sites at Refined from our COO Janette Hagerlund
  • How Refined sites can be deployed for one-off purposes like events and large cross-functional projects, from Customer Success Specialist Raj Sehmi
  • How to use Refined sites to consolidate your tech stack and eliminate redundant, legacy platforms (also from Raj)

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