How to Add a Confluence Knowledge Base to Your Refined for Jira Support Site

Knowledge Bases

A simple step-by-step guide to beefing up your Jira support site with self-help content from Confluence.

One of the easiest ways to cut down on Jira support tickets is to help customers or employees help themselves. How do you do that?

With content that answers common questions. Articles, videos, diagrams—whatever it takes. In the best-case scenario, that content is integrated directly into the support environment.

For organizations using Jira Service Management (JSM), that often means integrating content from a neighboring Confluence knowledge base into your Refined help center or support desk.

Good news: This is easy to do. Depending on whether or not you use Refined for Confluence in addition to Refined for Jira (among other factors), there are two ways to integrate a Confluence knowledge base into your support site. We’ll walk you through both step by step.

1. Add a Confluence knowledge base to Jira via Atlassian’s default integration

To link a Confluence space to a JSM project using Atlassian’s default linking functionality, follow these steps:

  1. In Refined, navigate to the JSM project page you wish to link.
  2. From the three-dot drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner, select “View Project in Jira.”
  3. From the project in Jira, go to Project Settings and click “knowledge base.”
  4. Select the knowledge base spaces you’d like to add to your Jira project.
  5. Voilà!

Now, when users search from the Jira project, they’ll see results from the Confluence knowledge base you just linked.

This method is ideal for folks who have Refined for Jira but not Refined for Confluence. If you have both Refined for Confluence and Refined for Jira, consider using the method below, which allows you to integrate Confluence content directly into the site itself via modules and navigation.

2. Add a Confluence knowledge base space to your Refined site via the Site Builder

Adding a Confluence knowledge base to your Refined support site is easy:

  1. From the Refined Site Builder, click Add New > Add Atlassian Content.
  2. Search for and select the desired Confluence space.
  3. Arrange the space as you would any other in the Site Builder. If left untouched (left-justified inside the Site Builder), the space will appear in the global navigation bar on your site. Alternatively, nest the space beneath another if you’d prefer users access it via a drop-down menu from an existing tab.
  4. Edit the space name if you wish (this will not change the name of the space in Confluence)
  5. Customize the appearance of the space home using modules.
  6. Voilà!

Be mindful that permissions on the Confluence content added to your site via Refined will reflect permissions set from Confluence, meaning Jira Service Management customers without Confluence permissions won’t be able to see the Confluence content unless you make it viewable to everyone or add them as licensed Confluence users.

Read our design tips to bring your knowledge base to life.

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