Get to know: Raj Sehmi, Customer Success Specialist

DJ? Customer success guru? Sunset-watching extraordinaire? He's all of the above.

Hired: September 2018

What I actually do: I help our customers best meet their requirements using Refined, and simultaneously collect insights from them to feed back into the product process internally.

How I got here: I’m originally from Kenya, and moved to Sweden in 2016 to get my master’s in information technology. I applied to a number of support and consulting jobs after graduating, but my lack of Swedish language proficiency at that point proved to be a bit of a barrier. I chanced upon an opening for a support role at Refined (where our working language is English!) and landed the job. I’ve since transitioned from support to the more proactive customer success area (I’m also fluent in Swedish now).

What I like about working at Refined: It’s so difficult to narrow down to one specific aspect—the team, my role, and the company ethos all factor into creating a work environment that I enjoy being a part of. It’s a great mix of people to be around generally, and a fun culture.

What is a dirty chai?

Best part of my week: Friday after-work FIFA sessions!

My colleagues would be surprised to hear that: I’m a bit of a history nerd, and at some point I considered pursuing a career in a related field. I’m especially interested in historical mythology and the history of religion.

I’d describe my team as: Diverse. The support team right now has coworkers from Sweden, Kenya, China and Brazil (not bad for a five-person team)! This means that the chit-chat before and after our daily standup meetings is always interesting, as we often share perspectives, jokes and stories that reflect our different backgrounds.

Sunrise from above the clouds at Lenana peak, Mount Kenya
Sunrise from above the clouds at Lenana peak, Mount Kenya, in 2018.

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