Get to Know Julia Nilsson, Cloud Tech Lead

Life at Refined

See how this physicist-turned-software engineer spends her days at Refined.

Hired: June 2017

What I actually do: In addition to regular software development for our cloud products—fixing bugs and implementing features—I help plan new features and technical updates. I also serve as a human version of a rubber duck for fellow developers.

How I got here: Starting my university studies in engineering physics, I thought I would develop cool new technology for renewable energy sources. Later, selecting a master’s in theoretical physics, I thought I’d be in physics research. Then, when I had to actually pick a career, my love for logical problem solving and fast feedback took the better of me and I ended up becoming a software engineer. After a few years in product development, I found myself ready to find a new position and was lucky enough to land a job as a developer at Refined. When the cloud product was in need of a tech lead, I was happy to be offered the role.

What I like about working at Refined: It’s very nice to be in an organization that’s open to change. A mindset of finding better solutions and continuously improving how we work is encouraged as management hears and thoughtfully considers employee feedback. For me it has also been a great experience to be part of more than just the development phase of product development. Discussing upcoming features is both fun and gives me the opportunity to see beyond the developer perspective.

Best part of my week: When I find the feeling of flow and full concentration that sometimes occurs during coding.

When I’m not at Refined you’ll find me: Engaging in old lady activities such as knitting, crocheting, baking, reading books, solving crossword puzzles and regular puzzles. I also plan a lot for future house renovations.

I’d describe my team as: Evolving. We have grown quite a bit in a short time bringing in new people that come with new ideas and thoughts. Just the change in numbers requires us to think about how we can do things differently to scale with a growing team.

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