Your UX rescue kit for Confluence

Macros, themes, and layouts to make Confluence content clear, accessible, and engaging.

An employee handbook space home.A native Confluence page view.
Refined download icon in UI bright green.
installs on the Atlassian Marketplace
Refined cloud icon in UI bright green.
Cloud fortified
for your security

Refine the way you organize & share information

with a suite of handy macros.
Activity Stream

Keep everyone current with Activity Stream.


End long scrolls with the Expand macro.


Deliver content sequentially with Steps.


Make info more digestible with Tabs.


Share the latest need-to-knows with News.


Grab users' attention with colorful Panels.

Delight your users with
welcoming space homes

Apply one of our ready-made templates, or build your own with an easy-to-use Layout Editor.

Refined windows icon in UI bright green.
Give the gift of good looks
Refined magnify icon in UI bright green.
Improve navigation & discoverability
Refined eye icon in UI bright green.
Highlight what matters
Refined theme icon in UI bright green.

Custom themes

Apply your brand color palette
Choose settings for page appearance
Experiment with different themes for different purposes
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