Premium Support

Gain access to priority support from a team of dedicated Premium Support Agents.

Your problem is our priority

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Accelerated SLAs and expanded agent availability

Depending on the severity of your issue, you’re guaranteed a response from us within 4-8 hours during business hours.* Agents begin working to resolve your issue as soon as you hear back.

Support is available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm CET & EST.
- L1* & L2*: 4 hrs
- L3* & L4*: 8 hrs

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Assistance from dedicated Premium Support Agents

Tickets are immediately routed to our team of Premium Support Agents, product experts skilled in resolving even the most complex technical challenges standing in the way of your success. They keep detailed records of your setup and support history, so they can hop right in with the context and confidence they need to solve problems fast.

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Priority bug fixes, if and when bugs arise

We do everything we can to keep bugs out of our software, but if and when they arise, you’ll get priority in the resolution queue, ensuring faster action from our developers. Premium Support Agents personally escalate your claim and coordinate the response across product teams until the issue is resolved.

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Quarterly Reviews

Our team of Premium agents will reach out once per quarter to check-in on your setup, review the status of any outstanding tickets, highlight recent releases, and more.