Refined for Jira

Bring Jira and Jira Service Desk to every team.

Make Jira and Jira Service Desk content accessible and actionable for every user. Use the Refined site building tools to easily create your own branded service sites populated with Jira Service Desk and Jira content. 

Use the easy setup from Refined site building tools to create an engaging support service, a project management site, and/or a public issue tracker, all connected to one Jira instance. 

Create custom designs for your sites populated with helpful links, information, resources and selected Jira content. Harness the inbuilt structure to organize service desks and Jira projects into a smooth navigation. 

Add permissions to sites so that customers only see content relevant to them.

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How it works

Refined is an app installed onto Jira that provides the tools to build custom designed sites without needing to code. 

Using the Refined for Jira app you can create multiple branded sites populated with Jira and Jira Service Desk content such as issues, request types, quick links, extended search and many more. 

Choose your own theme, layout, and navigation setup for each site. Tailor it to your purpose, be it a support service, project management or an issue tracker.


Structure and Navigation.

Display what matters to customers from a dropdown menu and clean layout. 

Organize service desks and Jira projects into a site structure designed for your purpose. Access these projects from a dropdown menu. Assign permissions in your structure so that only relevant information is shown.

Customization and design.

Engage customers from a branded and user friendly interface. Use the inbuilt theme editor to easily create the look and feel of your site. Use the inbuilt layout editor to customize the layouts to suit your needs. Choose from a selection of customization options for a beautiful result.

Higher level of usability.

Improve the usability of Jira and Jira Service Desk by displaying only relevant information and resources to customers. Set permissions on sites, projects and project categories to show the right content to the right users.

Extended search

Show search hits from an improved search user interface. Search hits include knowledge base articles (connected to more than one knowledge base), Jira issues, and request types. Opt to open search results in frame to avoid changing contexts. Add recommended links to anywhere on the web.

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Examples of Refined in Action


Cirrus IT Service Management

Cirrus created an IT Service Management use case for the entire organization, as well as a section for external customers.
Follow the link and create a customer account to view the internal organization pages and the external customer pages.

Decibel Public Issue Tracker

Decibel keep curious customers up to date on what Jira issues they have resolved using their public issue tracker. Designed with Refined’s inbuilt theming and layout editor they automatically display the Jira issues in progress and fixed.

Reel Studios Help Center

Reel Studios have 3 sites including a general help center, an internal service site for employees, and an external customer support site. Their search connects seamlessly to two Confluence knowledge bases. With Refined these pop up in frame.

Arctic Rim HR Finance & IT Service

Arctic Rim use Refined to provide service for HR, Finance and IT on one site. Each department has their own category with portals organized into each using the Refined inbuilt structure.

Server Pricing

Annual license. 50% of initial price for yearly renewals.

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