Where we are at and where we are headed with RefinedWiki apps

The last year has seen a lot of milestones and big developments for RefinedWiki including the addition of two new apps onto the Marketplace, RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk and RefinedSites for Jira Service Desk Cloud and some big new version releases imminent for our RefinedTheme Server apps. With such a rich breadth of products in development we want to share with our customers the latest product information and noteworthy news.

Driving and thriving app development

Upcoming Release RefinedTheme for Confluence version 6.0

RefinedTheme for Confluence 6.0 will soon go commercial as our biggest milestone release yet. The last major release for RefinedTheme was in March 2016 when we had extremely positive reception of the product and especially new theming capabilities. The 6.0 release introduces a new concept known as Sites, a new UI, simpler editing capability and more. For those interested, the new release is available in beta and we are looking to have a commercial release in a matter of weeks.

Upcoming Release RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk Server 2.0

The next major release 2.0 just went into beta. This new release will also introduce Sites, and additionally Categories to Jira Service Desk with the result being improved structure and navigation capability. We introduced RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk onto the Atlassian Marketplace in March 2017 and the uptake of this app has been rapid with 600+ active installations (and rising).

New addition to the Cloud theming family, RefinedSites for Jira Service Desk

In March this year we introduced a powerful new app to customize Jira Service Desks on Cloud. What makes this app unique, is that it runs on our service which means that customers will access a tailored and branded customer help centre while agents can still use the great functionality of Jira Service Desk. Our Cloud tech team continue to work on improving this app including additional language capabilities and features.

Data Center Ready

Surrounding Atlassian’s App Week in Amsterdam later last year, our focus was on making our apps Data Center Ready. This involved performance testing, reassessing our cache systems, and on the whole looking for ways to streamline our data so that our apps run smoothly for all instances, no matter how large they are. This continues to be a focus for the company moving forward.

Top selling Cloud app, RefinedSpaces for Confluence Cloud 

Arriving later in 2016, RefinedSpaces has seen a solid introduction to the Cloud arena. The app was consistently in the list of top selling Atlassian Cloud apps throughout the year and is steadily growing today. We release notes on updates and improvements to this app on our docs site, but to name a few, RefinedSpaces recently introduced a news slide show module, custom colours in modules and updates to UI features.

RefinedToolkit remains our most popular Server app

With 4000+ installations, up from 2500 in January 2016, RefinedToolkit for Confluence Server remains our most popular app. We will of course continue to develop and make improvements to this app. To specify a few recent developments it is possible to now choose the colour of the tools and add tooltips to UI buttons and text boxes.

RefinedWiki diverse and strong 

We may well have a powerful presence at the next Diversity in Tech event at the Atlassian Summit this year as we’ve now got 44% women working on our tech team with goes up to 50% if we exclude our CEO. To give you an idea of how exceptional this is, Atlassian have a 14.6% female tech team, Google have 20% female, and Facebook 19% (all excluding senior level) and these proportions are considered quite high for our industry. RefinedWiki as a company now also have 50:50 male to female ratio and six different nationalities.

Biggest Year on Record for RefinedWiki

2017 was the biggest year on record for the company as a whole, and for our top selling app RefinedTheme for Confluence Server. To match this, RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk Server is rapidly being implemented on Jira Service Desks globally. This makes us very excited about what’s in store.

Smoother RefinedWiki Support Service

With a rapidly growing customer base and wider product portfolio we have been making changes to the way we do support. The main focus for this is to make the best experience for our customers and more manageable for our support agents. Customers now get help from our support service (run using RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk and RefinedTheme for Confluence) rather than going through Jira.

RefinedWiki Partner Up

Our strong network of Atlassian and RefinedWiki Partners across the globe are a a huge support in helping customers not only to understand the value of our product suite but also to implement our products. Our partners offer consultation and advanced theming to tailor and personalize Confluence and take it to the next level. We select Partner events each year to attend and share our product knowledge with customers. Over the last year we have been to Valiantys, Catworkx, Riada, Ambientia, Deiser, Service Rocket and Deviniti Atlassian focused events. Learn more about our Partners from our Partner site.

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