Setting up RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk like a pro

In October we held a webinar to guide customers through setting up RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk.

Support and Test Manager, Maria Heij showed us from scratch how to build a customized customer portal. As with our webinar on setting up RefinedTheme for Confluence we used (fictitious) robotics company, Mekano, as our case example. Maria covered:

  • The basics of Jira Service Desk and RefinedTheme.
  • How to set up a Help Center (customer portal) with RefinedTheme.
  • Tools and features.
  • New features shipping in 1.2.

What is Jira Service Desk and RefinedTheme?

Jira Service Desk is one of Atlassian’s fastest growing products and a key player in IT Service Management. Jira Service Desk has two sides of the same coin. One side is the user facing customer portal. The other side is internal facing and built for IT support agents, IT managers and administrators. The customer portal is a simple welcome mat for customers to find help and raise tickets without being confused by the technical Jira view.

One limitation of Jira Service Desk is in customizing the customer portal. RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk removes this limitation by providing the tools to theme and customize customer portals.

The set up, step by step

Maria guided us step by step through building a customized customer portal from configuration through to a finished customer portal. The configuration included general configuration (elements affecting your portal globally), customer portals (managing who sees which customer portals and adding individual themes to portals), themes (managing and building themes) and self service settings (recommended links allocated globally and/or for customer portals).

Tools and features

On a configured customer portal, Maria demonstrated the different tools and features available on a customer portal. With an administrators hat on, we gained an understanding of the different module options on a customer portal such as search highlight, navigation icons, and links to file a request. The administrator can control the content on the customer portal by adding sections, then columns and/or modules to the sections. Modules are the building blocks you use to create your portal. As an example we added a navigation content module that includes primary text, secondary text and an image or an icon (as seen in the image below).

A handy feature we also included known as Versions gives the option of reverting to a previous version (Content editor → Versions).

Finally, we showed how recommended links are displayed for the customer, even neater when linked to a themed Confluence.

New features shipping in 1.2

Recommended links analytics

In order to manage effectively how often recommended links are being used, the agents, managers and administrators now get a count for the number of clicks on a link and the date it was last clicked. The agent can view the count in the Projects section of Jira, while administrator and IT managers can view it in both the Projects and Theme Configuration.

In the agent view of a ticket, we include “related recommended links” where the agent can see if another agent has already added a related recommended link.

Match words

It is possible to add match words to recommended links to account for the multiple terms a customer might use to search for an item.
Changeable font colour:

On some modules administrators can change up the font colour on a Jira Service Desk customer portal.

Additional modules to build a customer portal

A module called My Requests displays (yes you guessed it!) a customer’s open tickets on a customer portal.
Knowledge base module directly displays links to pages/articles on a Confluence instance.

View permissions

You can control exactly who will see a section on a customer portals. For instance you could give all “Jira-users” permission to view “my requests” when they are logged in, but not allow “hr-managers” to view that section.

We expect RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk 1.2 to ship later this week with even more new features than highlighted here. You can free trial RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk from the Atlassian Marketplace.