The Future of Cloud at Refined

We at Refined have been working really hard over the years to build our cloud product to match the standard of our server product.

Those of you who are familiar with building apps for Atlassian cloud know that it is a completely different process, tech stack and environment than building for server apps. The Atlassian Connect framework (App framework for cloud) provides a set of fixed integrations points where you can load your app through an iframe. This is a challenge for us at Refined as we develop a site building product changing the structure and navigation of Atlassian content.

After puzzling over this for some time we came up with a solution. Instead of building an Atlassian Connect app we decided to build our own software as a service (SaaS). We created Refined, a site building SaaS product running on Refined integrates Atlassian into its service rather than Refined being built into Atlassian’s service. This solution allows our customers to create their own customizable and engaging sites that are:

1. Fast and responsive.
A site created with Refined is a “one page” app delivering the speed you want. It will also adapt to whatever screen size your users have.

2. Built on your own domain
The Refined cloud supports custom domains. You get one custom domain included and can purchase more if you have multiple sites.

3. Built with content from multiple platforms
You can build a site with selected content from Jira, Jira Service Desk and Confluence. For example you could create a support site with a Service Desk portal and a Confluence documentation space. We are soon adding an integration for Google Docs.

This solution of integrating other services into Refined opens up many possibilities, however it also brings its challenges. As we are rendering Atlassian content in our cloud service we can’t support all custom fields for Jira projects and Third party macros for cloud. However this product is ripe and we are continuously adding support for more Jira fields and Confluence macros. Look out for more exciting features and integrations to come your way.

Do more with your Atlassian Cloud Content, start creating Refined sites today. Refined for Confluence Cloud