Refined Spaces for Confluence renamed Refined Toolkit

RefinedSpaces for Confluence Cloud has been renamed Refined Toolkit to align with the Server and Data Center app.

RefinedSpaces was the first app developed by Refined for Confluence Cloud. The app delivers a themed, clean and modern interface on Confluence Cloud. The app specifically focuses on customization and personalization of a Confluence space and Confluence pages in Confluence.

In a similar thread, Refined Toolkit for Confuence Server focuses on the customization and personalization of Confluence pages. While there are some differences between the apps, the macro functionality is largely the same. In an effort to align these products we decided to rename Refined Spaces to Refined Toolkit.

Does this change the functionality of Refined Spaces?

No! The app will function exactly as it does today to bring a personalized and branded version of Confluence Cloud to life. The only difference is the name change.

Will this change the functionality of Refined Toolkit?

No! Refined Toolkit for Confluence Server and Data Center will continue to provide handy UI tools for your spaces and pages.