Refined Is Growing—Meet the New Team

We are happy to welcome several talented new team members to our professional Refined roster

To keep up with the increasing number of Atlassian platforms Refined is supporting we are growing our team. To continue to give our customers and partners high quality support and spread the word about our awesome platform we are strengthening our support team as well as our marketing, development and HR teams. In August we announced the opening of our new Helsinki office and now we are staffing up our Malmö office. 

Without further ado, here are the new hires!

Seth Petersson – Product & Support Specialist

Seth is part of the team that answers our customers support questions and feature requests.

Originally from Helsingborg Seth moved to Malmö in 2013.
With a background in the manufacturing industry he changed course in 2010 to work with technical support for consumer electronics. Even though he’s worked exclusively with software for businesses the last four years he doesn’t shy away from fixing a trackpad or connecting a HDMI cable in the office, Seth’s here to help.

Seth is a movie geek that likes to attend film festivals and see classics on the big screen. He even has his own home theatre.

Fun fact: Seth has met one of the Beatles.

Julia Persson – HR Specialist

Julia joined Refined to start building the HR foundation together with management.

Julia has previously worked in various HR-roles within the IT and telecommunications business as well as within logistics.

Julia grew up in Halmstad and moved to Malmö for studies in 2002.

In her time off she likes to spend time with her fiancé and daughter. She has a passion for Hiphop and RnB music and always makes sure to have a planned concert to look forward to. Other parts of her family live in London and Dubai where she frequently travels.

Fun fact: Julia speaks a bit of Farsi

Grant Halliday – Product & Support Specialist

Grant is part of the team that answers our customers support questions and feature requests.

Originally from Canada, Grant moved to Sweden with his wife in 2012.

With a background in IT and telecommunications, and being an extrovert while having a natural panache for people, Grant shifted from working in the background shadows to working with client-facing roles.
Beside problem-solving, Grant is a very capable individual who enjoys engineering and carpentry, especially constructing and planning new projects for his home. Other interests include; guitar, travel, language studies and reading.

Fun fact: Grant currently holds 3 citizenships, and is awaiting his fourth.

Tibor Lundberg – Web Developer

Tibor is a web developer with an interest in front-end programming and UX/UI-design. He works in the Core team helping out with the development of Refined.

Tibor lives in Malmö, after both studying in Örebro and Amsterdam and is currently also pursuing a masters degree in Information Systems.

Prior to working at Refined, Tibor has worked as a front-end programmer in the media tech industry. Besides programming, Tibor really enjoys music (both creating and listening – why not a good festival?), reading and drinking huge amounts of coffee.

Fun fact: Tibor used to be an avid diver and has dived in the Blue Hole in Egypt, visited the Kockums made shipwreck M/S Zenobia and done cave dives in Thailand.

Jonas Svensson – Marketing Manager

Jonas is part of the Refined marketing and sales team. As marketing manager Jonas is working with the overall marketing strategy, tracking campaigns, content etc.

After living and working in such exotic places as Boston, Gothenburg and Stockholm his longing for the south of Sweden resulted in him moving home some eight years ago. Since then he has been a Malmö resident and it’s been a perfect fit.  With a background in the media industry he is now excited to work in the tech world.

He is often described as a multifaceted man, a renaissance man if you wish. He moves unhindered between diverse interests such as hiking in the wilderness and avant garde cooking. Jonas believes that a good spiced aquavit is best accompanied by an equally spiced anecdote.

Fun fact: Jonas is a licensed hunter, not because he hunts but because it’s a good skill to have during an apocalypse.

We are not stopping there. The team will continue to grow. Check out our careers page for job openings.