Ready-made Confluence and Jira Service Desk Holiday Theme for Your Use

One of the keys to engaging users on Confluence and Jira Service Desk is to keep the content and design up to date and modern. Or in other words, make your content and design agile. This holiday season we are making this easy for you by giving you a ready-made holiday theme.


We are very pleased to be getting festive and delivering a ready-made holiday theme for both Confluence and Jira Service Desk. We thank our customer who requested this via our support service last Christmas.

Below you will find two different ways of adding your festive theme to Confluence and one for Jira Service Desk.

Festive Theme for Confluence

If you are wish to work purely with a theme (and not a navigation highlight) then this is most likely the theme for you.

Download the festive Confluence theme for import to your theme library here.


Here is a preview of how we built the theme:refined-theme-editor-happyholidays-brand-confluence

Festive Theme with Navigation Highlight for Confluence

The second ready-made festive theme for Confluence combines a theme with the navigation highlight modules (the top block of content below the navigation menu).

Both the theme and the banner are available here.


This is how you can add the banner to your layout editor on your Confluence site home.

  1. Open up the layout editor by clicking the pen in the upper right hand corner (admin’s only)
  2. Add a content section.
  3. Add a “Navigation Highlight” to the section.
  4. Upload the banner
  5. Hit save and you’re done!


Festive Theme for Jira Service Desk

For those who want to adjust the Jira Service Desk help center to match the season, we also created a matching happy holidays theme for your use. This design is a combination of theme and navigation highlight.

The theme and the banner for the navigation highlight are available here. 


It is very easy to create fresh designs in Confluence and Jira Service Desk using our inbuilt theme editor and layout editor, so remember to stay agile with your designs.