Make Confluence pages feel like home – New release of Refined

Your go-to Confluence theme app, Refined just took things up a notch. Introducing the Content Layout Macro for pages, preview and drafts for the layout editor tool, re-ordering of sites, and news and search module improvements.

The major release of Refined for Confluence had rapid uptake since it was released onto the Atlassian Marketplace in May 2018. The major release added a rich collection of new functionality in particular the addition of Sites, a revamped UI and improved navigation. At the core of all new and improved features is a goal to provide teams with the tools to display content in an accessible way. The core holds true in this new release of Refined for Confluence 6.1.

Introducing the Content Layout Macro

The Content Layout Macro gives administrators, space admins and end-users the chance to make a Confluence page look and feel like home. Navigate and find content efficiently adding search bars, images, quick links and quick navigation content to pages. Anyone who can edit a page can use the Content Layout Macro. For end-users who are most likely new to this tool, we created a tutorial to get started.

Two optimal times to use this macro are:

  1. To aggregate information on a page in a highly visual way
  2. To navigate/link to content from a page.

A common example of such a page would be a space home like you see in this image.


Preview Layout Changes and Save as Drafts

Using the Preview button you can now do exactly that, preview the published result when building your content layouts. Additionally, as you edit and build up content layouts your changes will be saved as a Draft. These were both common requests received since the 6.0 release in May 2017 that we are pleased to include in the apps offering.


The Order of Sites is in your hands

Our customers have begun to catch onto the Sites feature, introduced in the major 6.0 release. A Site is a Confluence Site, adding a level or organization above categories and spaces. Spaces can be organized into Categories that can be organized into Sites. In Refined we don’t limit Confluence to only one Confluence Site, we offer the possibility of having multiple Sites in the one Confluence instance.

Here is an example of how you could organize your spaces, categories and sites:

Using the above example of site organization, the result will look like this:

In this release we added the possibility to rearrange your Sites to an order that works for your users so you can decide for example if the Team Site sits above or below the Project Collaboration Site in the navigation menu. What’s more, you can now easily drag a category (or categories) between sites. And just in case we haven’t already made it clear how awesome the Sites feature is, we included a little bit of ‘icing on the cake’ by making the sites collapsable.

Search, News and Activity Stream Modules Improved


The search highlight module is commonly used on Site and Category to help users find the information they need within a defined context. In this release we expanded the search source options so that you can use CQL to make the search more targeted.


We added Spaces to the search results and created an option to open a page of search results.



The news module is commonly used on Site and Category homes as a feed of the internal news blog to keep visitors to that workspace informed. If you’re not already making use of internal blogging, here are a number of reasons why it can have a positive impact on your workplace culture. The blog feature in Refined for Confluence takes the great functionality of Confluence and makes it a more visual and engaging experience for the user both on a blog space, the blog home and on site and category homes. The 6.1 new release added the option of displaying the blog space name in the news module feed.

Activity Module

The activity module, just like any activity feed is a neat way of getting an overview of the Confluence activity. Using our app you can also filter the stream to include activity from Confluence labels, spaces, categories and new in this release, contributors and content types (page, attachment etc). End-users on the other hand can filter the activity stream for content type, popular and favorites. The popular filter is back in this release by popular demand.

The 6.1 release includes a number of other highlights you can find here.