Key product updates and announcements from Atlassian Summit 2018

Atlassian’s annual user conference, the Atlassian Summit, took place at the beginning of September in the great city of Barcelona. RefinedWiki represented once again in its signature green as gold sponsors.

With a lot of major product releases and updates this year the team were on their toes showcasing the latest and greatest. Atlassian revealed a solid collection of product updates, a new product called Jira Ops which sides nicely with the acquirement of OpsGenie, new product integrations including an integration with Slack and more. Lets dive deeper into the key updates and announcements.

RefinedWiki product updates and announcements

RefinedWiki Cloud apps

For Cloud apps, RefinedWiki dropped a new game changing feature for RefinedSites for Jira Service Desk Cloud. That feature is known as custom domains. Users can now access a customer facing support site built using RefinedSites for Jira Service Desk via your custom domain. E.g., Example Company can direct users to the site to get IT support. 


We also demonstrated the different ways RefinedSpaces for Confluence Cloud users can make use of the content layout macro to gain structure in Confluence Cloud.


RefinedWiki Server apps 

For Server Apps, we showcased the major new release of our increasingly popular app, RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk Server as well as the major release of RefinedTheme for Confluence Server. Both of these top-selling RefinedWiki apps shipped two additional levels of structure known as sites and categories as well as an updated layout editor, more definable permissions and an overall sharper UI with the major releases. 


RefinedWiki was also recently inducted into the new Top Vendor Program as gold members. During Summit Atlassian launched a new Marketplace App category focusing on Data Center whereby only apps that reach certain standards and requirements can be accepted. RefinedTheme for Confluence and RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk Server have both been Data Center approved.  


Atlassian product updates and announcements

Atlassian Summit included a lot of exciting announcements for Atlassian performance and products. We focused on the news relevant to Refined customers. 

Atlassian Marketplace Count

The Atlassian Marketplace is one of the largest enterprise software marketplaces in the world. Since inception in 2012 it has cumulated more than $500 million in lifetime purchases. With over 3000 apps on the Marketplace, RefinedWiki are proud to be part of such a thriving ecosystem. Atlassian highlighted the importance of apps and in particular scalability of apps given that Data Center customers tend to have 1/3 more apps installed than server customers. 

Atlassian announced RefinedWiki’s server apps as Data Center approved. Along with a strong line-up of top Marketplace vendor apps, RefinedTheme for Confluence and Jira Service Desk are now listed on the Atlassian Marketplace as Data Center approved. In order to be approved for the program, vendors must build and test their apps to a rigorous, Data Center specific standard. This includes how the apps handle cache operations, support required databases, implement locking and availability in clustered environments, and manage event handlers, just to name a few. The apps are then verified by Atlassian before they are listed on the Atlassian Marketplace. More on Data Center approved apps here.

Atlassian Data Center Approved Apps (Image:

Acquisitions of OpsGenie, new product Jira Ops, and partnership with Slack 

Atlassian announced at Summit that it has “entered into an agreement” to a acquire OpsGeni. As well as this Atlassian announced they are launching a new product called Jira Ops, an incident command center. Midway through the year Atlassian also revealed that they were exiting the communication space by stopping development and production of HipChat and Stride. As such they formed a strategic partnership with Slack. More on Jira Ops here

Cloud announcements

This year the focus for cloud was on the no. of users Cloud platforms support, product performance, security and privacy. The changes driving this focus include the following:

  • User limit in Jira and Confluence Cloud will increase to 5000
  • Performance index improvements for Jira (25%) and Confluence (20%)
  • More data centres around the globe
  • Implementation of GDPR and various certifications 
  • Implementation of Atlassian Access – a user management center

More info on this here. 

Product specific Cloud announcements included the following:

Server and Data Center announcements

Atlassian shipped the following Jira features:

  • Priorities per project 
  • Kanban backlogs

The Confluence Server team reminded us of the Confluence server mobile app released in March this year. Additionally they are investing in improvements to the Confluence search experience. 

Data Center undertook the following improvements:

  • Performance improvements including project archiving for Jira Service Desk Data Center and Jira Software Data Center.
  • Accelerated response times for end-users on Confluence Data Center and upgraded cache service. 
  • Admin improvements including read-only mode for Confluence and shared filters and dashboards for Jira Software. Jira Service Desk Data Center also introduced automated approvals.

More on Server and Data Center improvements here. 

The Atlassian Summit in 2018 did not disappoint. The team have their heads down working hard to deliver further exciting developments in time for Las Vegas Atlassian Summit in 2019.