Introducing RefinedSites: A big and bold new Cloud app for Jira Service Desk

RefinedWiki are excited to introduce a new app for Jira Service Desk Cloud called RefinedSites. Unlike any other app on the Atlassian Marketplace, this app runs on our service and provides the tools to build a fully tailored and branded support site for Jira Service Desk.

You may be familiar with the Server version of RefinedSites for Jira Service Desk released in March last year called RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk. Since then, this app has seen rapid uptake with 542 and counting active installations. With the success of this app and the increasing adoption of Atlassian Cloud platforms, it’s only fitting that we bring it to Cloud.

How does RefinedSites work?

RefinedSites gives you the tools to build a customized, visual and branded support site for Jira Service Desk Cloud, running on As a customer you can access the visually appealing support service through:

As an agent you can continue to work in the Jira Service Desk agent view:

For example, RefinedWiki could have a customer facing support site at and the Atlassian agent view at

When to use this app?

Jira Service Desk is used by an increasing number of teams as a place for employees to ask for help, report incidents, or request new services. RefinedSites for Jira Service Desk Cloud uses the great functionality of Jira Service Desk and connects it to your to display a branded, customized and clean interface, otherwise known as a site. In fact, while under development, this app was the winner of the 2017 Codegeist competition, for best IT team app. It can be used both internally for teams or externally as a customer support service.

What to expect?

You can build your own RefinedSite for Jira Service Desk in a matter of minutes using the following tools:

Inbuilt ThemeEditor

  • This is the same ThemeEditor that powers our top selling app RefinedTheme for Confluence Server. With this tool you can upload brand graphics, choose a colour theme, and play around with the layout to create a neat, clean and branded look for your There is no coding required.


Simple Editor

  • Edit customer portals directly on your by adding sections with different modules using the customer portal editor.

Content Modules

  • Select from a curated collection of modules including navigation links content, search form, Confluence knowledge base links and more.

Extended Search Function

  • Strengthen the search results by adding recommended links from anywhere on the web.

Tailored Content

  • Tailor the content to the user by adding view permissions to sections and displaying only relevant content to relevant user groups.

By building a site to run on we open up opportunities for other platforms in the future, including Confluence and Jira to feed into the same customized site.