Get More Out of Confluence with the New Release of RefinedTheme

RefinedTheme for Confluence has a new major release that comes with added structure, better design, improved navigation and organization of content.

The new release of this top selling app for Confluence Server brings with it a rich collection of useful features as well as updates and improvements to the old favorites. RefinedTheme for Confluence 6.0 takes structure and organization to a new level, it makes navigating to useful content a breeze and continues to bring a sharper, branded look and feel to Confluence. Notably, the new release opens up the potential of Confluence so that it can be used for more than one purpose.

Taking structure to a new level with Site, Category and Space organization

For some years now RefinedTheme for Confluence has brought with it the competitive advantage of being able to organize spaces into categories (and subcategories) which sit in an easy to navigate drop down menu. We are thrilled to be taking Confluence structure and organization capability to a new level. Literally speaking, we have added a new level of organization called Sites. Categories can now be placed into a site, and each Confluence instance can have multiple sites.

More than one use case within a unique Confluence

Using Sites, it is possible to have multiple Confluence use cases within the one Confluence instance. Each site includes our popular category organization and is configured using the same drag and drop functionality from the previous release. Navigating between sites is simple with with the hamburger style dropdown menu.

Using sites you may decide to have an intranet, technical documentation and a blog site within the one Confluence instance. Alternatively, you may decide to use the sites for different office locations. The options are endless.

Visual Site and Category homes

Within each site, categories can still function as category content aggregators using category homes. However with the new release each site home and category home includes a new inbuilt content layout editor. The powerful layout editor makes it simple for the administrator to display aggregated content in a highly engaging, visual way. 

Curated collection of content modules for Site homes and Category homes

Within each content layout editor is a collection of content modules to choose from. You can select the relevant module depending the purpose of the category or site home. Below you can see some examples of modules used to build a Site home.

Sharper UI

This goes without saying. 

More ways to personalize content

Users engage with content that is relevant to them. Within the content layout editor the administrator can add view permissions to sections. View permissions restrict the content to selected individuals or groups. This means content can be displayed to only users it is relevant to. For example, if Sara is on the IT team, she would be able to see a list of quick links relevant to her and her team where as a visitor to the IT Category home would not see the irrelevant content.

Another handy way of personalizing Confluence content is using text variables. This is a way of automating the text to a logged in user, a site name or a category name.

More ways to search and find answers with search highlight and category search

We have extended the search capability so that search can be global, or limited to a site, a category, or a space. This is set up using the content module called search highlight. This is a double win as the search section can be customized with a neat image and help users filter and find answers.

Richer navigation

In addition to the overall powerful site and category menu navigation we have improved navigation on Site and Category homes . The Site and Category home layout editor includes content modules to add quick links to content. These navigation icons also come with a bundle of icons to fit to your purpose. Or if you prefer you can upload an image to use instead.

Theming on a space level

Yes, theming is now available on a space level. By adding a space as a site you can then theme that space site individually.

Plus more features to make use of

We have included a bunch of extra treats in the new release. To name a few, you can now activate ‘click and hover’ on the category menu and turn off user dashboards. It’s now possible to configure content modules with CQL. Further, we changed the ‘create’ button behavior, located in the bottom right hand corner, and we improved improved third-part app compatibility.

We are thrilled to welcome this new major release of RefinedTheme for Confluence Server to the Atlassian Marketplace.