From Then to Now, The RefinedTheme for Confluence App Through the Ages

With the next release of RefinedTheme for Confluence getting closer and 2017 resulting in one of the best years yet for the app, it is a fitting time to look back at where RefinedTheme has come.

RefinedTheme for Confluence Version 1.X

We go back to 2009 when RefinedTheme for Confluence was named RefinedWiki, a plug-in for Confluence. RefinedTheme for Confluence came to exist after a small team were working as consultants to implement Confluence for customers and identified three common issues.

  1. Organizing content was challenging, especially as the number of users and content increases.
  2. New users, and especially non technical users had issues with the usability and navigation of Confluence.
  3. Customers were paying consultants huge amounts of money to theme and redesign the interface and it would be much cheaper if an app (plug-in) did this instead.

With this, RefinedTheme for Confluence was formed to address these core issues directly by building a plugin/add-on/app that organized Confluence content, made it easier to use and navigate and at a a far more affordable cost. Organization, ease of use, navigation and theming at an affordable price remain core to what we do today. But a few things have changed!

RefinedTheme for Confluence Version 2.X

Version 2.x was released in 2011 and included the introduction of a continuously popular feature today, the category dropdown menu. Following some research on the Atlassian Marketplace, we stumbled upon a customer still running version 2.2 of RefinedTheme for Confluence (or RefinedWiki Plugin as it was called then). If this particular 2.2 user happens to be reading this, get in touch with our support  and we will give you a free upgrade).

Do you notice key features missing in this version?

At the time, drag and drop category/space organizer, inbuilt theme editor, dashboards and space layout editors were yet to be introduced.

Version 3.X

Keyboard navigation, a favourite feature among RefinedWiki developers was introduced in version 3.0. The year was 2011, and not only did we have keyboard shortcuts, but also the beginning of some of today’s most powerful features including the organizer and inbuilt theme editor.  The version shipped with:

  • Drag and drop organizer
  • First version of inbuilt design editor (now known as the theme editor)
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Top menu navigation bar (now known as global navigation bar)

2011 was also the year we released an app to bring a customized and branded Confluence to Mobile, known today as RefinedMobile for Confluence.

Version 4.X

At the tail end of 2014, version 4 was released. This release advanced a number of features:

Version 5.X

For the 5.X release as a lot of work went into customer feedback, customer feature requests, workshopping with customers and our team and incorporating the best elements we could into the app. 2015 was the release year and this app brought the Refined features as you know them today.

Version 6.0 coming soon…

We are working on the next big release of RefinedTheme for Confuence Server. Here is a preview of the new UI. You can also sign up for early access to be the first to know about the release and webinars surrounding it.